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Baby Reflexology

Baby reflexology is a scaled down version of adult reflexology. Because the baby is so small only gentle treatment is necessary. The length of treatment and pressure is very important as too much stimulation will cause problems for the baby.

Baby Reflex is a system that was pioneered by Jenny Lee after many years working with asthmatic children. She discovered that working on the childrens feet helped to reduce asthmatic episodes, promote better sleep patterns, greater ability to relax and gave a much improved quality of life.

Baby Reflex is taught over a number of weeks in order to ensure easy learning and practice between sessions. The course covers areas where many babies have problems: colic, reflux, wind and constipation, helps to calm fractious babies and helps promote the immune system. Other areas include sinus, ear, nose and throat problems. It even eases teething pains.

Baby Reflex is ideal for working parents to help bond with their baby. The treatment is easy to learn, only lasts a few minutes per day but gives maximum benefits for both baby and parent. The sessions will help parents to feel confident to cope with their new arrival and helps babies to flourish and encourages the communicating network of patterns in the babies brain to grow.

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